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Actual problems of outpatient pediatrics and their solutions (reflections and offers of the veteran)


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There is presented the analysis of the state of ambulatory pediatrics and there are formulated proposals for the priority support for the development of outpatient pediatrics in the framework of improving primary health care for children for the prevention of the shortage ofpediatricians and providing the reduction in morbidity, disability and community-acquired mortality rate. To reduce the long-term shortage of physicians in ambulatory pediatrics author proposes to introduce a new specialty "general pediatrician", which is aimed to prepare a pediatrician at the postgraduate stage for the implementation ofprimary care across all the medicine of children age. The effectiveness of this solution has been proved by the World practice and domestic experiment in the city of Orenburg. It is moreover proposed to use a target distribution of graduates ofpediatric faculty, studied on a budgetary basis, to the outpatient primary care institutions. The organization of postgraduate specialization in ambulatory pediatrics according to the author opinion, should be implemented on the base of Departments of outpatient pediatrics possessing scientific and practical experience in the training of doctors specializing in ambulatory pediatrics.

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