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Etiopathogenetical aspects and risk factors for in children and adolescents


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According to the research executed in recent years, a significant number of children and adolescents impose periodic complaints ofpain in the neck and other parts of the spine. Back pain (dorsalgia) in children is much less common than in adults; despite that the problem is urgent and debatable not only for pediatricians and neurological practice, but also for other specialties: rheumatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery. The authors discuss the role of the main factors that cause or aggravate pain for this localization. Presented data showed that the latest research methods developed in recent years made it possible to change approaches to the study of pain in the back, to formulate clear etiopathogenic mechanisms and diagnostic criteria that contribute to a deeper understanding of the structure ofpain in the spine and led to the introduction into clinical practice new methods of treatment and prevention.

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For citation: Evert L.S., Reusheva S.V., Zaitseva O.I., Panicheva E.S., Potupchyk T.V. Etiopathogenetical aspects and risk factors for in children and adolescents. Rossiiskii Pediatricheskii Zhurnal (Russian Pediatric Journal, Russian Journal, 2016; 19 (6): 380-384. (In Russian). DOI:


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