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Official medical statistics and special studies indicate an increase in the prevalence of mental illness among all age groups, and there are high rates of teenage suicides. The aim of the study is to investigate the mental health of adolescents studying in various educational institutions. The object of the study was 100 girls and 100 young men aged 15-18 years training in general education schools and colleges. The study used sociological, clinical, follow-up and statistical methods. Various forms of mental disorders were detected in 67.5% of the examined. A significant part (36%) of them were made up of pre-illnesses, 16% of them were neurotic responses, 20% were pathological responses. Actually, neuroses were detected in 20% of the subjects. According to the structure of neurotic states, states of dysmorphomanic and depressive type were a significant proportion of them. There were no statistically significant differences in the prevalence of mental pathology between girls and boys. In adolescents training in colleges, the prevalence of mental disorders was found to be of 82% appeared to be more than in teenagers training in schools (53%) due to responses of pathological character. Adolescents without mental disorders are more likely to exercise for 60 minutes less or more than 3 times a week, have a more long night’s sleep, spend less time on gadgets, spend more time less than 3 hours and less often - more than 3 hours. These factors can be considered as risk factors for the development of mental distress. Pathological character and accented personal characteristics are the most important predictors of mental disorders, based of they, there are formed risk groups, which should be in the sphere of attention of medical and pedagogical workers of educational organizations. A retrospective analysis of the prevalence of mental pathology in the historical interval of 15 years shows a decrease in the frequency of the neurotic response due to an increase in the proportion of neuroses in modern adolescents and an increase in the prevalence of pathocharacterological responses in them. It can be considered as risk factors for the development of mental distress. Preventive measures should be carried out by doctors, paramedics, nurses in medical aid departments.

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