Sergei Puzin, Academician of RAS, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,

Head of the Department of Geriatrics and Medical and Social Expertise GBOU DPO “Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education» of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Science


Tel .: +7 (903) 589-05-37

E-mail: s.puzin2012@yandex.ru


Sechenov First Moscow Medical Institute


“Surgery”, “Traumatology and orthopedics”, “Medical and social expertise”, “physical therapy and sports medicine”


Since 1998 – Deputy Director of the Research Institute of expertise of disability of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation

2001 – 2010 – General Director of the Federal Scientific and Practical Center of Medical and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation of the Disabled

Since 2004 – head of the department of clinical geriatrics and medical-social examination of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Study

Since 2011 – Professor of the department of physical therapy and sports medicine at the Sechenov Moscow Medical University

2005 – 2010 Head of the Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and the Chief Federal Expert on medical and social assessment of the Russian Federation

2010 – 2011 – Director of the Research Institute of Occupational Medicine of RAMS

Research interests:

medical-social examination, medical and social rehabilitation of patients and disabled workers, medical and social assistance to the elderly, the methodology of disability and disabled people reintegrate into society, protection of public health. His multidisciplinary research activities devoted to the development of a wide range of modern medical problems that have important theoretical and practical significance for public health.

Main scientific achievements: Academician Puzin is a one of the leading scientists on the problems of public health and health care. They performed basic research on the methodology of disability and disabled people reintegrate into society. Materials of his research as the basis for the majority of regulatory guidance documents required for the operation of public service in the field of public health and health care. Scientific achievements are introduced into the work of institutions of medical and social expertise and rehabilitation of disabled persons, rehabilitation centers.

Publications: more than 500 publications, 61 monograph, 11 Russian patents for inventions, 50 papers at international conferences

Awards and achievements:

2012 – the Order of “Friendship”

2000 – Order of “Honor”

1997 – Medal “In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow”

Badges “Honored Worker of the Ministry of Labour of Russia” and “Excellence in health care.”

Research status:

President of the Association of Honorary Doctor of Russia

Member of the Public Chamber of Russia (2006-2010 biennium)

President of the All-Russian Society of medical and social examination, rehabilitation and rehabilitation industry

Member of the Council for the Disabled under the Chairman of the Federation Council

The representative of Russia in the UN Special Committee on the development of a comprehensive international convention to protect the rights of persons with disabilities