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Dakhkilgova Kh.T., The Stavropolskii state medical university 355017 Stavropol, Russia

Dauletiarova M.A., The state medical university of city of Semeii 071400, Semeii, the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dauletiarova Marzhan A., The Semei state medical university of the Ministry of health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan 071400, Semei, the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dauletkalieva Jania A. , The Karaganda state medical university 100008 Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Dautletiarova M.A., The Semeii state medical university 071400, Semeii, the Republic of Kazakhstan

Davydova N.V., The Federal Official Institution «The Research Institute» of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia 119991, Moscow, Russia

Demidova E.I., The Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education «The G.V. Plekhanov Russian Economic University» of the Minobrnauki of Russia 410003 Saratov, Russia

Derbenev D.P., The Tver state medical academy of Minzdrav of Russia 170100 Tver, Russia

Deryabkina L.V., The Budget Health Care Institution of the Ivanovo Oblast «The Lukh Central District Hospital» 155270, Lukh, Russia

Diyatchkova A.S., The national research institute of public health of the Russian academy of medical sciences 105064, Moscow, Russia

Dolgova I.G., The oblastnoii ophthalmologic dispensary 625048 Tyumen, Russia candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, head physician

Dolotova N.V., The V.N. Gorodkov Ivanovo research institute of maternity and childhood of Minzdrav of Russia 153045, Ivanovo, Russia

Dorofeev S.B., Committee on Health of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation 103265, Moscow

Draienkova F.R., The I.P. Pavlov Ryzanskii' state medical university 390026 Ryazan, Russia

Dubinin N.D., The N.A. Semashko national research institute of public health 105064, Moscow, Russia post-graduate student

Dubograii E.V., I.M. Sechenov first Moscow state medical university of Minzdrav of Russia 119992, Moscow, Russia The research institute of sociology of medicine, health economics and medical insurance

Dudareva V.A., The Сhitinskaia state medical academy of Minzdrav of Russia 672000 Chita, Russia

Duleva I.N., The Omsk state medical academy 644043 Omsk, Russia

Dushina E.V., The Irkutsk state medical university 664003, Irkutsk, Russia

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