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Vol 22, № 4 (2014)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The seasonality of population contacts with medical organizations because of diseases of blood circulation system PDF
Maksimova Tamara Michailovna, Belov Vitaly Borisovich, Saurina Olga Semenovna, Lushkina Nina Petrovna 3-6
The evaluation of health condition of first year students PDF
Zakharova R.N., Timofeyeva A.V., Mikhaiylova A.E., Timofeyev L.F. 6-8
The development of obstetrics service in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) PDF
Novgorodova U.R., Savvina N.V. 9-14
The social portrait of substitute families and modes of development of medical pedagogical monitoring PDF
Averiyanova N.I., Khanova N.A. 15-18
The approaches to investigation of factors impacting satisfaction of patients with medical care (according international publications' data) PDF
Tsygankov B.D., Malygin Ya.V. 18-22

Public health reforms

The waiting periods of ambulatory polyclinic care as indicator of its accessibility PDF
Schepin V.O., Diyatchkova A.S. 23-26
The main directions of implementation of program of health care modernization in Moscow PDF
Gridnev O.V. 27-30
The role of motivation of medical personnel in system of medical care quality support PDF
Pogosiyan S.G., Sidorenkov D.A., Balokhina S.A., Orlov A.Ye. 30-33
The organization of system of information support of regional health care PDF
Konovalov A.A. 33-37
The modern approaches to organization of delivery system in Nizhny Novgorod PDF
Rhyjova N.K., Lazarev V.N. 37-39
The accessibility of high-tech medical care of newborns with surgical pathology in conditions of Far North PDF
Polunina N.V., Razumovskiy A.Yu., Savvina V.A., Varfolomeyev A.R., Nikolayev V.N. 39-42

Education and manpower

The problems of formation of competence of personnel of psychiatric service PDF
Ruzhenskaya Ye.V., Karaseva T.V. 43-46

From abroad

The prevalence of intestinal parasites in children population of Baku PDF
Khalafli Kh.N. 47-50

History of medicine

V.P. Kravkov as a sanitary physician of the Russian Imperial Army (to centenary of beginning of the First World War) PDF
Uzbekova D.G. 51-54
The sanitary education and propaganda in struggle with drunkenness and alcoholism in the USSR in 1920s PDF
Sherstniyeva Ye.V. 54-58
The modeling of physiological systems of organism in 1970-1980s: to history of issue PDF
Serebryaniy R.S. 58-64

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