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The development of obstetrics service in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)


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In the beginning of XX century health care of the Yakutskaya ASSR characterized by low level of development due to lacking and shortage of medical manpower, illiteracy of population in issues ofprevention of various diseases. In those times, by virtue of timely applied new normative documents, health personnel training, organization of medical educational institution for Yakutia and preventive activities the first results in further development of obstetrics service were achieved. In the beginning of XX century in Yakutia high birth rate, high infant and maternal mortality were marked. The present study was carried out to analyze development of obstetrics service in Yakutskaya ASSR (at present the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)). The study established that to the end of XX century birth rate decreased and extra genital morbidity increased. The indicators of perinatal and maternal mortality, quality indicators of dispensarization of pregnant women, prevention and diagnostic of diseases ameliorated. According implemented analysis no grounds are tracked to expect any increasing of birth rate. However, possibility is not inconceivable that in perspective percentage of women having two and more deliveries up to the end of reproductive cycle will decrease. The effectiveness of actual “stimulating” measures of public policy will be under the threat in future because of “Russian cross” of1996. In the Republic, aggregate birth rate level of 1.7 deliveries counting upon one woman has no perspective. The other mechanisms and public policy are needed to be worked out.

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