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Vol 22, № 5 (2014)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The regional aspects of health care development PDF
Schepin O.P. 3-7
The evaluation of level of mortality of mental diseases and circulatory system diseases: problems of coding and statistical recording of cases of death PDF
Samorodskaia I.I., Vatolina M.A., Belov V.B., Boitsov S.A. 8-12
The evaluation of health condition of rural population older than able-bodied age in the Russian Federation PDF
Shliafer S.I. 13-19
The profession contamination of medical personnel with tuberculosis PDF
Nafeev A.A., Mertsalova S.L., Poseriaev A.V., Sibiriakova R.N., Nafeev N.A. 20-22
The analysis and evaluation of main indicators of traumatism in the Astrakhan region PDF
Grechukhin I.V., Shoia A.A., Kurkin A.M., Panchin N.V. 23-26
The dynamics of prevalence of renal insufficiency in Yakutia PDF
Tikhonov D.G., Anisimova A.I., Platonov F.A., Nikolaev V.P., Timofeev L.F. 26-29
The structure of children disability aged from 0 to 4 years residing in the territory of the Ivanovskaia oblast during 2005-2012 PDF
Dolotova N.V., Filkina O.M., Malishkina A.I., Kudriashova I.L. 30-31

Health reforms

The organization of medical rehabilitation of children with perinatal affections of nervous system PDF
Fedorova G.V., Shreider T.F. 32-36
The optimization of management of regional system of protection of human resources health PDF
Zakharenkov V.V., Viblaia I.I., Koliado V.B. 36-38

Quality of life

The quality of life of population of the North PDF
Zakharova R.N., Mikhailova A.E., Timofeev L.F. 39-41

Education and personnel

On the issue of manpower maintenance of subdivisions of X-ray diagnostics PDF
Schepin V.O. 42-45

From experience of health professional

On the issue of prevention of alcohol consumption by student youth PDF
Belova Yu.Yu. 46-48

From abroad

The foreign experience of medical social monitoring of children population: A review PDF
Farrahov A.Z., Albitskii V.Yu., Ustinova N.V., Shavaliev R.F. 49-51

History of medicine

Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) and Paduan school of anatomy: to 500th anniversary PDF
Sorokina T.S. 52-56
The history of extraordinary book by T. Willis (1621-1675): To 350th anniversary of first edition of book “Cerebri anatome” PDF
Jmurkin V.P., Chalova V.V. 56-61
The becoming and development of secondary medical education in the Orenburg oblast PDF
Kaspruk L.I., Lebedeva I.V. 61-63

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