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The structure of children disability aged from 0 to 4 years residing in the territory of the Ivanovskaia oblast during 2005-2012


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The analysis was implemented concerning prevalence and structure of disability of children aged from 0 to 4 years residing in the territory of Ivanovskaia oblast during 2005-2012. It is demonstrated that this indicator has a tendency to decreasing. However, it is still higher than overall indicator of the Russian Federation. The structure is characterized by increasing of percentage of psychological, visceral, metabolic disorders and diet disturbances, common and generalized disorders against the background of decreasing of mental, language and speech, locomotion and cripple disorders. The structure of diseases conditioning development of disability is characterized by multidirectional dynamics. However, increasing of percentage is marked in greater number of classes of diseases than in case of decreasing. The decreasing ofpercentage of diseases of nervous system and of mental, language and speech, locomotion disorders in the structure of main disorders as well is related with implementation of new methods of treatment and rehabilitation of disabled children in health institutions of the Ivanovskaia oblast.

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