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The foreign experience of medical social monitoring of children population: A review


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The article considers issues related to development of social pediatrics abroad and determines actuality of its approaches for effective health protection of children population in modern society. The awareness of necessity of wide-spread implementation of approaches and principles of social pediatrics occurs because of increased impact of social psychological problems on health of children population. The universities of Europe, USA and Canada, India, Australia and many other countries are teaching social pediatrics. The societies, foundations, centers, institutions of social pediatrics function and specialized journals are published. The significant achievements in the field of education of social pediatrics to pediatricians are noted in the medical college in Montefiore (South Bronx, New York) were three-years residency on social pediatrics was organized in 1970. The Mac Gill University (Montreal, Canada) is yet one organization involved into advancement of social pediatrics. In this university a two-year educational program on social pediatrics was organized in 2006 to develop new manpower potential of pediatricians (“socialpediatricians”). The popularization of approaches of social pediatrics is determined mainly by efforts of the International society of social pediatrics (ISSOP) organized in 1977. The definitions of social pediatrics proposed by ISSOP permitted to determine main characteristics of its approaches: multidisciplinarity (team work with specialists of different profiles - medical workers, psychologists, pedagogues, social workers) and intersectorality (interaction with school, administration structures, municipalities, etc.). The article presents as a practical example of effective application of approaches of social pediatrics experience of Canadian pediatricians. Therefore, medical monitoring of children population with consideration for psycho-social factors based on principles and approaches of social pediatrics is acknowledged as a necessary (central) element of system of protection of health of children population in economically developed countries.

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