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Vol 22, № 6 (2014)


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Table of Contents

To the jubilee of the Research center of children health

The organizational principles and technologies of prevention of the XXI century PDF
Iakovleva T.V., Baranov A.A., Ivanova A.A., Albitskii V.Yu. 3-9
The condition and problems of adolescents' health of Russia PDF
Baranov A.A., Namazova-Baranova L.S., Albitskii V.Yu., Terletskaia R.N., Antonova E.V. 10-14
The regional model of three-level system of of medical social monitoring of children and adolescents: The pilot project in the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
Albitskii V.Yu., Ustinova N.V., Farrakhov A.Z., Shavaliev R.F., Kulikov O.V., Plaksina L.V. 15-17

Health and society

The basic medical demographic indicators of population health of Russia up to 2013 PDF
Belov V.B., Rogovina A.G. 18-22
The clinical economic analysis of application of immune correcting preparations to prevent respiratory infections and their complications in frequently ill children of early school age PDF
Maiorov R.V., Derbenev D.P. 23-26
About economic aspects of provision of medical services PDF
Gerasimov P.A. 27-29
The risk factors and dangerous regimens of alcohol consumption in physicians' community PDF
Savvina N.V., Grigoriev G.I., Tulasinova N.Yu. 30-32
The gender aspects of diet factors effect on development of diseases of circulatory system among rural population PDF
Kamalova F.M., Valeeva E.R. 32-34

Health care reforms

The evaluation of costs: standards of medical care and clinical statistic groups PDF
Semenov V.Yu., Samorodskaia I.V. 35-40
The development of organization of medical social care of adolescents PDF
Chicherin L.P., Nagaev R.Ya. 40-44
The informational analytical support of management of regional health care on the basis of expertise PDF
Finchenko E.A., Tsitsorina I.A., Sharigina L.S., Ivaninskii O.I., Sharapov I.V. 45-48
The development of laboratory service of the Republic of Bashkortostan in conditions of health care modernization PDF
Aminev R.A. 49-51

From the experience of public health professional

The ambulatory polyclinic institutions in closed administrative territorial municipality PDF
Fomin E.P. 52-54

History of medicine

For fortieth anniversary of organization of national narcological service PDF
Morozov A.V., Egorisheva I.V. 55-57
The role of yearbook “The significant and anniversary dates of history of medicine” in training of historians of medicine PDF
Gorelova L.E., Voskresenskaia N.P. 57-58
The Moscow stomatological institute as a third Moscow medical institute PDF
Borodulin V.I., Topolianskii A.V., Parenkova O.R., Pashkov K.A. 59-60


Andrei Mikhailovitch Stochik (to 75th anniversary) PDF
Index of articles published in the Journal “Problems of social hygiene, public health and history of medicine” in 2014 62 PDF

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