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Vol 23, № 2 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The normative legal support of orthodontic care of population at the level of subject of the Russian Federation PDF
Schepin V.O., Wagner V.D., Chaban Aleksander V., Kapitonenko N.A. 3-5
The profile of seasonality of mortality of diseases of blood circulation system in women in rural territory of the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
Kamalova Firziya M., Valeeva E.R. 6-8
The evaluation of mortality of female population of the Republic of Bashkortostan PDF
Mustafina Gul'nara T. 8-12

Health reforms

The accessibility of organization of primary medical sanitary care during the period of reforming of ambulatory polyclinic institutions of metropolitan region PDF
Gridnev O.V., Zagoruichenko Anna A. 13-15
The development of medical care of population in conditions of specialized day-time hospitals of neurological profile PDF
Grishina N.K., Solovieva N.B., Abdusalamova Zaira A. 15-17
The substantiation of activities concerning primary prevention of stroke in working population PDF
Mukhametzianov Azat M. 18-22
The organization of controlling quality of orthodontic care of population PDF
Chaban Aleksander V., Schepin V.O., Korablev V.N. 22-26
The medical social study of quality of nursing care PDF
Goleva Olga P., Fedorova G.V., Tasova Z.B., Smorjanik E.Yu., Duleva I.N., Chernikova T.M. 26-29
The implementation of “effective contract” exemplified by the medical center of Yakutsk PDF
Borisova E.A., Savvina N.V., Lutskan Ivan P., Timofeev L.F. 29-34

Education and human resources

The motivation of medical personnel of multifield hospital to working over standards of one position PDF
Khazov M.V., Romanov S.V., Abaeva Olga P., Murigina M.M. 35-37
About professional training of roentgenologists for working on magnetic resonance tomographic scanner PDF
Korobov A.V., Morozov A.N., Pasechnaia V.G., Fediainova Natalya V. 38-42

From abroad

About particular tendencies in modern medical ethics PDF
Jiliaeva E.P., Nechaev Vasiliy S. 43-46

History of medicine

The scientific revolution in medicine of the last quarter of XlX-first half of XX centuries. Report II. The outset of revision of medical science PDF
Stochik A.M., Zatravkin S.N. 47-52
The improvement of cities and sanitary control in Russia in late XIX - early XX centuries PDF
Sherstneva Elena V. 52-56
The formation of healthy life-style of Soviet youth in 1920s-1930s years PDF
Sakharov Vasiliy A., Sakharova L.G. 57-60
The organization of psychiatric care in Zemstvo medicine (to 150th anniversary Zemstvo reform) PDF
Egorisheva Irina V. 60-64

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