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The modern tendencies of reproduction of population of the Irkutskaia oblast


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The article characterizes dynamics of processes of reproduction of population of Irkutskaia oblast in 2000-2012. The patterns and characteristics of are demonstrated concerning alterations of total (annual) coefficients of natality and fertility, aggregate coefficient of natality, net-coefficient, age-related coefficients of natality. The qualitative estimations of indicators of natality are given. During examined period, the value of total coefficient of natality increased up to 1.5 times and in 2012 amounted to 15.9 per 1000 of population. Despite of positive dynamics of increasing of aggregate coefficient of natality up to 1.97 in 2012 its value still corresponded to the level of narrowed reproduction of population. The number of live-born per 1000 women of fertile age and value of net-coefficient increased almost up to 1.6 times. In Irkutskaia oblast, the average long age values of total indicator of natality, aggregate coefficient of natality, coefficient of fertility, net-coefficient were higher than in the Russian Federation and the Siberian federal okrug. However, under all positive tendencies in reproductive behavior of women of the Irkutskaia oblast the “pre-reform” levels of natality are to be reached. The most marked increasing of age-related coefficients occurred if groups of women aged 25-29, 30-34 and 35-39 years. In group of women aged 20-124 years stable values of aggregate coefficient of natality and minimal rates of increasing of indicator as compared with other age groups were observed. One of factors impacting processes of natality is transformation of marital family relationships. In Irkutskaia oblast, every second officially registered marriage terminated by divorce. The percentage of children born outside of registered marital union consisted about 40%.

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