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Vol 23, № 5 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The modern condition and prognostic estimates of medical demographic processes in the Russian Federation PDF
Tischuk E.A. 3-5
The divergence of medical demographic situation in Russia PDF
Belov V.B., Rogovina A.G. 5-8
The dispensarization and health of socially economically priority groups of population of the Kuzbas PDF
Patchgin I.V., Kitcha D.I., Zalesova O.B. 9-12
The social hygienic and medical demographic characteristics of families of indigenous population of Yakutia PDF
Semenova N.B., Lapteva L.V. 12-16
The multi-vector mode of evaluation of inter-sectoral interaction concerning issues of population health care PDF
Korshever N.G., Sidelnikov S.A. 16-19
The characteristic of somatotype and functional state of circulatory system of student youth of the northeast of Russia PDF
Timofeieva A.V., Klimova T.M., Mikhailova A.E., Zakharova R.N., Vinokurova S.P., Timofeiev L.F. 19-22

Health care reforms

The organization of rehabilitation care of population using innovative medical organizational technologies and principles of public private partnership PDF
Totskaia E.G., Sheliakina O.V., Sadovoii M.A., Netchaev V.S. 23-27
The evaluation of effectiveness of functioning of tuberculosis hospitals and calculation of necessary number of beds at the regional level PDF
Dushina E.V., Gaidarov G.M., Khantaeva N.S. 28-31
The organizational technologies of increasing of effectiveness of dispensary monitoring of HIV-infected persons PDF
Moskvitcheva M.G., Kitmanova L.Yu. 31-34
The state and perspectives of development of traumatological orthopedic out-patient care to population of the Privoljskii federal okrug PDF
Norkin I.A., Baratov A.V., Andreeva T.M., Yushina B.S., Fedonnikov A.S. 35-38
The organizational technologies of increasing quality of specialized medical care under acute coronary syndrome as exemplified by the Kemerovskaia oblast PDF
Kusch O.V., Artamonova G.V., Barbarash L.S. 39-42
The role of development of material and technical resources of multifield hospital and its impact on effectiveness of institution functioning PDF
Badma-Gariaev M.S. 43-45

From practice of health care professional

The development of mobile application of physician for implementing remote monitoring PDF
Berseneva E.A., Korsakov I.M., Mikhailova A.G. 46-48

Education and human resources

The Bologna process and the Federal state educational standard of high education PDF
Sorokina T.S. 49-53

From abroad

The traumas in persons of older age PDF
Tlemisov A.S., Bulegenov T.A., Dautletiarova M.A., Tuleukhanova A.M., Orazgalieva J.E. 54-56

History of medicine

The canceled faculty: on the issue of establishment of medical faculty of the Petrograd university during the first World War PDF
Rostovtsev E.A., Sidortchuk I.V. 57-60
Emmanuil Isaakovitch Deichmann (1889-1967) as one of leaders of antialcoholic movement of 1920s in the USSR (to 125th anniversary) PDF
Sherstneva E.V. 60-62
Kazimirovna Zabegalskaia - the founder of surgery school in Orenburg PDF
Kaspruk L.I., Tarasenko V.S. 62-64
The Moscow scientific society of historians of medicine in 2014 PDF
Goncharova S.G. 64-65

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