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Vol 23, № 6 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The perspectives of development of health care of the Russian Federation PDF
Schepin O.P., Korotkikh R.V. 3-6
The morbidity of population of the Russian Federation: geographic characteristics PDF
Semenov V.Yu. 6-9
The crisis phenomena and health PDF
Tishuk E.A. 9-13
The social hygiene as a phenomenon of scientific revolution in medicine of late XIX-first half XX centuries PDF
Schepin V.O., Zatravkin S.N. 14-18
The state of traffic traumatism according data of official medical statistics PDF
Kakorina E.P., Andreeva T.M., Polikarpov A.V., Ogryzko E.V. 18-24
The health of paramedical personnel and impacting factors PDF
Pogosian S.G. 24-27
The results of analysis of morbidity of urban female population according data of appealability to medical organization PDF
Sharafutdinova N.Kh., Mustafina G.T. 27-31
The analysis of life span and mortality of patients with spinocerebellar ataxia type I PDF
Tikhonov D.G., Goldfarb L.G., Neustroeva T.S., Yakovleva N.V., Timofeev L.F., Luckan I.P., Platonov F.A. 31-34
The self-assessment of physicians their qualification and social status PDF
Orlov D.A., Ehkhte K.A., Derbenev D.P. 35-37

Health care reforms

The medical genetic counseling and prevention of inborn and congenital pathology in the Russian Federation PDF
Juchenko L.A., Kasimovskaia N.A., Yakushina I.I. 38-40
The problems of goal-oriented planning of municipality health care PDF
Ogneva E.Yu. 41-43

From practice of health care professional

The development of mobile application of patient for implementation of remote monitoring PDF
Berseneva E.A., Mikhailova A.G., Korsakov I.N. 44-48

Education and manpower

The professional medical self-appraisal of graduates of comprehensive schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF
Semenova Yu.M., Bitrebaeva D.M., Baildinova K.J., Lepesova S.J., Dauletiarova M.A. 49-53

From abroad

The individual and social factors effecting refusal from vaccination of children in the town of Semei of the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF
Baibusinova A.J., Musakhanova A.K., Shalgumbaeva G.M., Dauletiarova M.A., Tokanova Sh.E., Nurtasina S.K. 54-56

History of medicine

Santorio and the first scientific revolution of XVII century PDF
Jmurkin V.P., Chalova V.V. 57-64

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