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The self-assessment of physicians their qualification and social status


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The 103 medical organizations of the Tverskaia oblast were involved as study base to carry out questionnaire survey of physicians of different specialties concerning issues of self-assessment of qualification and social status. The most of the respondents (66.8±1.98%) assessed themselves as good specialists, 20.8±1.71% as fair specialists and 11. 9±1.36% - as perfect specialists. The own social status respondents assessed in general as not too high. So, 53.1±2.10% of physicians refer themselves to middle class of society and 30±1.93% - to below middle class of society. Among respondents, 3±0.71% referred themselves to high class of society and 3.2±0.74% - to the lowest class of society. The low incomes and overwork were noted by respondents as main problems of their life. The study results testify the necessity of correction of programs of medical education at all levels, actuality of activities of increasing social status ofphysician and development of benevolent conditions of work and rest.

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