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Vol 24, № 2 (2016)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The relationship between regional levels of mortality of ischemic heart disease and social economic factors in the Russian Federation PDF
Boitsov S.A., Bolotova E.V., Samorodskaia I.V., Inozemtsev E.S. 68-73
About quality of life of children of senior school age in the Republic of Udmurtia PDF
Vikhareva E.G., Viniarskaia I.V., Khan M.A., Tretiakova T.V., Chernikov V.V. 74-76
The algorithm of application of results of social hygienic monitoring at regional level PDF
Tsunina N.M., Jernov Yu.V. 77-81

Health care reforms

The development of nomenclature of complex medical services on specialty «pathologic anatomy» PDF
Paltsev M.A., Kovalenok V.L., Koksharov V.N., Podobed O.V., Zairatiants O.V., Ksakturskii L.V. 82-89
The functioning of emergency medical care in the Russian Federation: analysis of report documentation keeping PDF
Shliafer S.I. 89-94
The primary medical sanitary care and characteristics of drinking water supply of population PDF
Nechaev V.S., Saurina O.S. 95-97
On the issue of development of organization of primary medical sanitary care of population in Moscow PDF
Znatchkova E.A. 98-101
The organization of informational support of health care management PDF
Konovalov A.A., Pozdniakova M.A. 101-105
The system of information concerning pharmaceuticals and its role in efficient using of medicines: opinion of medical specialists PDF
Rostova N.B., Kudriashova A.I. 106-110

From practice of health care professional

The experience of functioning of diabetic retinopathy room of municipal medical institution PDF
Udivitchenko O.V., Meskov D.O., Berseneva E.A. 111-114

From abroad

The morbidity and mortality of residents of Kazakhstan exposed to radiation impact and their posterity PDF
Ashimova B.S., Belikhina T.I., Kalmataeva J.A., Apasalikov K.N. 115-118

History of medicine

The scientific revolution in medicine of last quarter of XIX - first half of XX centuries: New approaches to diagnostic and treatment of diseases PDF
Stochik A.M., Zatravkin S.N. 119-125
The functioning of zemstvo organizations in the field of medicinal support of population PDF
Egorisheva I.V. 125-128

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