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The experience of functioning of diabetic retinopathy room of municipal medical institution


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The diabetic retinopathy rooms are relatively new interdisciplinary structure in the medical care system. The evaluation of sufficiency of the number of this type of medical service for all patients with diabetes mellitus is lacking. The article presents calculation of required number of diabetic retinopathy rooms based on analysis of actual normative base, epidemiological data and experience of functioning of such rooms kind of rooms in municipal medical institution. It is established that for the room assisting particular population of patients with diabetes mellitus workload in average makes up to 1.87 visits per patient annually. The structure and authorized number of diabetic retinopathy rooms specified by actual normative documents, can be considered as sufficient only under condition that primary screening of diabetic retinopathy will be implemented at least to certain percentage of patients by ophthalmologists outside diabetic retinopathy rooms. This condition is to be considered during development of routing of referral of patients with diabetes mellitus to diabetic retinopathy rooms and other ophthalmologists of polyclinic network for full coverage ofpatients with screening for retinopathy and other affections of organ of vision under diabetes mellitus.

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