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The sociological survey of syndrome of professional burnout in physicians of obstetrics department


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The syndrome of emotional burnout is a condition of emotional, psychic, physical exhaustion developed as a result of chronic unresolved stress at working place. The development of the given syndrome is specific for altruistic professions where care of people prevails (social workers, physicians, medical nurses, teachers, etc.). In ICD-10 the syndrome of burnout is described under rubric Z.73.0 as “a state of total exhaustion”. Nowadays, physicians and other medical workers found oneself least socially protected in social economic and professional aspects. This is conditioned by low level of salary, significant decreasing of quality of life, increasing of professional responsibility and also by intensification of contradictions between professional and moral duty and possibilities of rendering of medical care to population. The recent studies demonstrate that this condition can be developed in 30-50% of physicians. Also, it is established that age, marital status, had no effect on emotional burnout. The emotional burnout is developing in more degree in females than in males. Also, females are lacking relationship between motivation (satisfaction with remuneration of labor) and development of syndrome in the presence of relationship between significance of work as motivation for activities, satisfaction with professional progression. Those who experience deficiency of autonomy (“super-controlled personalities”) are more subjected to burnout. The study was carried out to determine syndrome of professional burnout in physicians of obstetrics department of large (160 beds) obstetric institution the Yakurskaia municipal clinical hospital with purpose offurther implementation of measures of prevention and correction. The presence of syndrome of burnout effects negatively on both psychophysical general state of particular workers and functioning of medical institution on the whole.

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