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The development of stomatological care of adult population of the Northern territories


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The article presents the results of complex study of state of teeth and organs of oral cavity and also quality of life of adult population of the Northern territories. The relation ship is established between state of teeth and organs of oral cavity and quality of life ofpopulation, the most expressed in individuals of youth age. The results of analysis of opinion of population are presented related to issues of organization of stomatological care and also data of expertise, SWOT-analysis combined with expertise values used as basis for development of system of measures concerning its optimization. Five main blocks were singled out: methodology of evaluation of stomatological health of population and organization of stomatological care; normative legal support, including adapted standard of stomatological care rendering; provision of accessibility of stomatological care at the expense of functional alterations of actual system; development of healthy live-style through program of prevention of stomatological diseases in adult population considering regional characteristics; system of training and re-training of manpower.

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