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Vol 24, № 4 (2016)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The problems of pharmaceutical support of patients with diabetes mellitus type II PDF
Khabriev R.U., Malichenko V.S., Malichenko S.B. 196-200
The common issues of health policy in Russia concerning private system PDF
Kasimovskii K.K. 201-204
The comparative evaluation of level of security culture in medical organizations PDF
Roitberg G.E., Kondratova N.V., Galanina E.V. 204-208
The development of family health through implementation of its functions (literature review) PDF
Pogodina V.A., Babenko A.I. 208-212
The morbidity and mortality of adult population because of diseases of blood circulation system PDF
Scherbakov D.V. 213-216

Health care reforms

The characteristics of implementation of processing approach into management of regional system of organization of ophthalmologic care of population of the Tverskaia oblast with patterning conceptual model of management PDF
Dolgova I.G., Schepin V.O., Proklova T.N. 217-223
The informational support of statistical observation related to children disability PDF
Son I.M., Polikarpov A.V., Ogrizko E.V., Golubeva T.Yu. 223-229
The actual issues of development of manpower potential in health care PDF
Belostotskii A.V., Gridnev O.V., Grishina N.K., Znachkova E.A. 230-235
On the issue of paid-for medical services in state health care institutions PDF
Kalinin R.E., Medvedeva O.V., Artemieva G.B., Bolshova T.V. 235-237
The social hygienic model of organization of preventive activities concerning rural population of the Omskaia oblast PDF
Berejnoii V.G. 238-242
The comparative analysis of medical demographic situation in the Uralskii economic district PDF
Markina A.Yu., Shishkin E.V. 242-245

History of medicine

The scientific revolution in medicine of second half of XX - early XXI centuries: occurrence of new conceptions about human organism and essence of diseases PDF
Stepin V.S., Zatravkin S.N. 246-252
The development of medical care in prison system of Russia (end of XVII-early XX centuries) PDF
Spasennikov B.A., Pertli L.F. 252-256

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