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Vol 24, № 5 (2016)


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Health and Society

The opinion of personnel of medical organizations concerning effectiveness of systems of quality management and international certification PDF
Lindenbraten A.L., Dubinin N.D., Ludupova E.Yu., Kriutchkov D.V., Nikolaev N.S., Dubograii E.V. 260-265
The development of prevention of alcoholic addiction on the basis of analysis of medical social risk factors and prognostic modeling PDF
Kosolapov V.P., Sitch G.V., Manakin I.I., Lvovitch Ya.E., Choporov O.N. 266-272
The laboratory diagnostic of patients with tuberculosis with medicinal resistance of agent PDF
Popov S.A., Sabgaiida T.P., Mojokina G.N. 272-276
The prevalence of diseases among persons drafted to military service PDF
Shvedov E.I., Bravve Yu.I., Babenko A.I., Babenko E.A. 276-281
The impact of social deadaptation on rural population health in the Novosibirsk oblast PDF
Netesov E.V., Bortsov V.A., Netesova E.S. 282-284
The problems of data reliability concerning results of treatment of syndrome of diabetic foot PDF
Udovitchenko O.V., Berseneva E.A., Meshkov Dmitry O. 284-287
On effectiveness of management of processes of health promotion and health preservation PDF
Spiridonov E.A., Jdanov R.I. 287-292

Health care reforms

The characteristics of allocation of voluntary medical insurance of working population in Russia PDF
Ankudinov A.B., Lebedev O.V. 293-297
The automatized lexical control of medical documents as an obligatory component of informatization of medical organizations PDF
Berseneva E.A., Sedov A.A. 297-300

From practice of health care professional

The experience of involvement of volunteers into maintenance of infection safety during period of implementation of mass activities PDF
Imamov A.A., Balabanova L.A., Zamalieva M.A. 301-303

From abroad

The awareness and attitude of population of Kazakhstan to inoculation against human papilloma virus PDF
Nasritdinova N.Yu., Reznik V.L., Kuatbaieva A.M., Kairbaiev M.R. 304-307

History of medicine

The federal state educational standard and teaching of history of medicine PDF
Sorokina T.S. 308-311
The therapeutic clinics of the Moscow University at the turn of XIX-XX centuries: the comparative characteristic of scientific schools of Zakhariin, Ostroumov and Shervinskii-Golubinin PDF
Borodulin V.I., Topolianskii A.V. 312-316
The first attempt of introducing of teaching of medical disciplines in religious academies and seminaries PDF
Oleinikova V.S. 317-320

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