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Vol 24, № 6 (2016)


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Health and society

The analysis of efficiency of innovative processes in conditions of implementation of state program "Health care development" PDF
Lindenbraten A.L., Grishina N.K., Kovaleva V.V., Filippova V.I., Serdiukovskii S.M., Golovina S.M., Zagoruichenko A.A., Solovieva N.B. 324-329
The characteristics of application of SWOT-analysis technique to evaluating status of regional system of organization of opthalmologic care of population of the Tiumenskaia oblast PDF
Dolgova I.G., Schepin V.O., Proklova T.N. 330-334
The impact of medical and non-medical factors on population mortality:the economic factors PDF
Boitsov S.A., Samorodskaia I.V., Semenov V.Yu. 335-339
The infant mortality in the Russian Federationin conditions of new requirements to birth registration PDF
Albitskii V.Yu., Terletskaia R.N. 340-345
The characteristics of road traumatism in the Republic of Sacha (Yakutia) PDF
Ivanova A.A., Potapov A.F., Timofeiev L.F. 346-349
The main trends in development of medical care of patients withbreast cancer in the Moskovskaia oblast PDF
Balkanov A.S., Gurov A.N., Katuntseva N.A. 350-354
The comprehensive estimate of morbidity of male adolescents in the Novosibirskaia oblast PDF
Bravve Yu.I., Babenko A.I., Shvedov E.G., Babenko E.A. 355-359

Health care reforms

The analysis of normative legal base of organization of out-patient care of patients with late complications of diabetes mellitus PDF
Udovichenko O.V., Meshkov D.O., Berseneva E.A. 360-365
The analysis of significance of individual medical social risk factors and prognostic modeling of development of oncologic diseases PDF
Sych G.V., Kosolapov V.P., Choporov O.N. 366-370

History of medicine

The scientific revolution in medicine of second half of XX century - beginning of XXI century: genesis of the new conceptions about epidemic process PDF
Stepin V.S., Zatravkin S.N. 371-375
The first steps on the way to organization of the USSR academy of medical sciences (spring-summer of 1943) PDF
Gliantsev Sergey Pavlovich, Stochik A.A. 375-384

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