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Vol 25, № 1 (2017)


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Table of Contents

Health and society

The actual state of problem of traumatism PDF
Khabriev R.U., Cherkasov S.N., Egiazarian K.A., Attaieva L.J. 4-7
The general methodological approaches identifying strategic positions in developing healthy lifestyle of population PDF
Dorofeev S.B., Babenko A.I. 7-13
The dynamics of mortality because of diseases of blood circulation system in the regions of the Republic of Bashkortostan PDF
Askarov R.A., Askarova Z.F., Karelin A.O. 14-19
Thre normative legal regulation of social protection of disabled persons of ablebodied age PDF
Medvedeva O.V., Afonina N.A., Draienkova F.R. 20-22

Health care reforms

The evaluation of quality of implementation of preventive medical examinations of underage persons in the Russian Federation PDF
Baranov A.A., Namazova-Baranova L.S., Terletskaia R.N., Baibarina E.N., Chumakova O.V., Ustinova N.V., Antonova E.V. 23-29
The ways of improvement of implementation of the concept the Federal system of training of citizens of the Russian Federation to military service PDF
Sogiiainen A.A., Chicherin L.P., Schepin V.O. 29-33
The organization of preventive examinations in the system of medical support of industrial enterprises PDF
Zeliaieva N.V., Kamaiev I.A., Gurvich N.I. 33-37

From practice of health care professional

On the evaluation of hospital care of persons of elderly and senile age PDF
Gitinova Z.A., Magomedov R.G., Shamsudinov R.S. 38-40

History of medicine

The becoming of the Soviet health care in Russian province in 1920s PDF
Kattcyna T.A., Krylov I.I., Pashina N.V., Mezit L.E. 41-45
The health care in the extreme North-East of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War PDF
Kniazkina T.A. 45-50
The imitative modeling of biochemical processes in human organism in second half of XX century PDF
Serebrianny R.S. 50-55
The activity of the Medical council of the Ministry of inner affairs in the field of medicinal support of population (XIX-early XX century) PDF
Sherstneva E.V. 55-58
The development of higher stomatological education in the Voronejskaia oblast PDF
Saurina O.S., Kravchuk E.V. 59-62
Index of articles published in the journal "Problems of social hygiene, health care and history of medicine" in 2016 PDF

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