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The making of healthy society requires to attend a special medical attention to children population. The ill children of the first year of life set up a danger of development of chronic diseases in the elder age and in subsequent adult population. In Russia, during last years, both unfavorable and positive trends in newborns' health are observed. This occurrence dictates a necessity of studying regional characteristics and analyzing of medical social factors determining health stte of newborns. The total morbidity of children of the first year of life during last decade manifest a particular trend to decreasing (up to 4.84%) though in certain classes of diseases an increasing from 2% to 32% was observed. The implemented study demonstrated availability of a number of characteristics of process of rehabilitation of under age population in conditions of the Omsk region. The involvement of large number of professionally experienced physicians substantiates its high reliability from the positions of medical science. From professional point of view, the courses of medical rehabilitation for patients are to be applied no less than three times per a year. It is especially significant for patients of the first year of life because a direct dependence is detected concerning early beginning of rehabilitation activities and subsequent higher efficiency of treatment. In the Omsk oblast, the medical rehabilitation service provides a highly qualitative care to children. Though at that a limited accessibility of services of the specialized Center of medical rehabilitation to residents of remote municipal okrugs and oblast districts is established. Also, a lower quality of services in other municipal medical institutions was established as compared with the specialized Center. The rectification of actual situation is seen on the way of organizing of rehabilitation centers of departments in other municipal okrugs and districts of the Omsk oblast and increasing of capacity of the existing rehabilitation center.

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