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The article considers history of activity of international associations of museums of Europe and North America from the moment of organization of the first International Association of Medical Museums existed from 1907 to 1955 and to the European association of Museums of History of Medical Sciences (since 1983) and the Association of Medical Museums (since 1985) both existing at the present time. The analysis is presented concerning their role in unification of scientific community, development of research methods, determination and reconsideration of professional concepts and also alterations of functions of medical collections and museums with the course of time and new trends in medical education, clinical and fundamental medicine and museum business. The existence and development of museum associations is compared with concept of three "museum revolutions": professionalization of museum sector (at the turn of XIX-XX centuries), orientation on education of broad masses of population (second half of XX century), establishment of principles of social inclusion and multi-culturality (beginning of XXI century). The method of study is analysis of such sources untranslated to Russian previously as archives of "Vestnik" and reports and also scientific publications of members of associations involved into their activities. The results of study determined possible directions of work related to coordination of activities of medical museums, development of scientific research and scientific education methods and exposition work. The conclusions are made about an important role of international associations in systematization of knowledge, organization of scientific activities and medical community, development of guidelines for regional museums and also organization of unified information space for workers of medical museums.

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