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Vol 13, № 2 (2014)


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Table of Contents

Theory and methodology

The insured person as an object of medical sociological monitoring PDF
Reshetnikov A.V. 3-9
The study of interrelationship between social conditions and health in foreign sociology PDF
Izutkin D.A. 9-12

Institutional analysis

On the issue of complementarity of research publications (according to sociological journals publications) PDF
Navrotskii B.A., Sedova N.N. 13-17

Sociology of medical profession

The implicature of lie of male and female physicians PDF
Groshev I.V. 18-23
The role of medical department of pharmaceutical company in interaction with medical PDF
Tolmachev A.V., Efimenko S.A. 24-29

Sociology of health and disease

On the issue of social dominant in origin of disease (position of clinician) PDF
Dimov A.S. 30-36

Quality of medical care

The analysis of factors determining quality of medical care: application of sociological survey of physicians PDF
Matitsin N.O., Bogachanskaia N.N., Slusar I.V., Averchenko E.A., Baranov A.I., Kazakova A.A. 37-42
The awareness of physicians of primary health care about gout PDF
Karnakova M.V., Kaliyagin A.N. 42-46
The analysis of information awareness of physicians of antenatal clinics about auxiliary reproductive technologies PDF
Alekseyeva V.M., Mashina M.A. 46-48
The evaluation of results and perspectives of further reformation of emergency medical care service within the framework of the priority project “Health” PDF
Filippov Yu.N., Tarichev V.V., Nikitin D.A., Abaeva O.P. 49-51

Medical sociological studies

The role of sociological surveys in evaluation the degree of dependence of alcohol by representatives of indigenous population of the Republic of Altai PDF
Kojevnikov A.A. 52-54
The particular aspects of problem of stigmatization and discrimination of living with HIV-AIDS PDF
Cherniavskaia O.A., Ioannidi E.A. 55-57

Quality of life

The relationship between health condition and material welfare: gender dimension PDF
Popova I.P. 58-63
Index of articles published in the journal “Sociology of medicine” in 2014 PDF

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