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Vol 14, № 1 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Sociology of medical profession

The sociological evaluation of students' satisfaction of quality of educational services as a criterion of effectiveness of management of medical university PDF
Reshetnikov A.V., Prisiajnaia N.V., Bogachanskaia N.N., Pavlov S.V., Kazakova A.A. 3-9
The analysis of law literacy of physicians of emergency medical care PDF
Liadova M.V., Tuchik E.S., Liadova A.V. 10-12

Sociology of health and disease

The impact of religiosity on attitude of citizen of Russia to health PDF
Dubograii E.V., Prisiajnaia N.V. 13-18

Quality of medical care

The satisfaction citizen of Russia with quality of medical care in system of mandatory medical insurance PDF
Reshetnikov A.V., Stadtchenko N.N., Sobolev K.E. 19-25
The implementation of principles of early detection of disease and standardization of medical care under cancer of prostate PDF
Voitko D.A. 26-29

Medical sociological studies

The medical social significance of hospital substitute technologies exemplified by diagnostic and treatment of Baker's cyst PDF
Tcherniadiev S.A., Tchernookov A.I., Sivkova N.I., Jiliakov A.V., Korobova N.Yu. 30-33
The satisfaction of patients with medical care in health centers for adults of Chuvashia PDF
Korobov L.N., Lubovtseva E.V., Naumova E.A., Pavlova I.Yu., Galkina T.A. 34-37
The evolution of attitude to participation in clinical trials of anti-HIV/AIDS vaccines in population and development of approaches to formation of volunteers cohorts PDF
Jukova E.V., Lebedeva N.N., Orlova-Morozova E.A., Serkov I.L., Kaminskii G.D., Pronin A.Yu., Efimenko S.A., Gudima G.O., Reshetnikov A.V., Haitov R.M. 38-41
The stomatological health of school children and social factors of its amelioration PDF
Avanesian R.A., Isenov S.K. 41-45


The role of physician and patient in various relationship models PDF
Izutkin D.A. 45-48

Sociology of patient

The social portrait of patient with acquired helplessness PDF
Chijova V.M., Bogatirev A.A. 49-53
The social problems of prevention in obstetrics and gynecology PDF
Kovaleva M.D., Bondarenko A.S., Shestakov A.S. 54-58
The analysis of international experience of functioning of centers of pharmaceutical information as condition of increasing of awareness of patients PDF
Tarasov V.V., Musina N.Z. 58-61


The new problematics in sociology of medicine PDF
Navrotskii B.A., Kantemirova G.A. 62-63


Chronicle PDF

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