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The medical social significance of hospital substitute technologies exemplified by diagnostic and treatment of Baker's cyst


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The study was carried out concerning the results of questionnaire survey of physicians who in course of their practice encountered Baker's cyst. The structure of sampling included 42% of surgeons, 30% of traumatologists, 11% of specialists in ultrasonography and 15% of physicians of other specialties (rheumathologists, neurologists, phlebologists). The study was organized to establish attitude of physicians of different specialties to diagnostic methods, surgical and conservative tactics of treatment of patients with synovial cyst of popliteal area. The additional task was to investigate degree of satisfaction of physicians by actual methods of diagnostic and treatment of patients with Baker's cyst. It was established that patients with diagnosed cyst of popliteal area comprise significant portion of those who went to seek medical care. However, number of patients referred to planned surgical or conservative treatment on the subject of Baker's cyst is negligible because of its low effectiveness according opinion of experts.

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