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The opinion of personnel of research medical institution concerning system of quality management


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In the Russian Federation more than 40 medical organizations successfully implemented principles of quality management into their common activities. One of the major conditions of successful functioning of system of quality management is involvement of personnel as a main resource of organization and major section in support of activity quality. The sociological survey covered 312 principal workers if the research institute of complex problems of cardiovascular diseases in 2012 and 311 individuals in 2014. It is established that most of the workers saw no effect of implementation of system of quality management. At that, the percentage of workers complaining that system complicated their job diminished reliably. The percentage of positive responses concerning usefulness of implementation of system decreased from 36.3% in 2012 to 32.5% in 2014 (p=0.31). The analysis of responses of 2014 established that the greatest positive effect from implementation of system of quality management was marked by executive personnel and minimal by junior medical personnel and “research worker-physician”. The system of management is obscure to the most of junior personnel and in less degree to executive personnel. The degree of involvement of personnel determines effectiveness of any modern management system. At the initial stage of implementation of system of quality management the opposition of personnel is inevitable which requires from administration patience and commitment to principles of quality, widespread application of educational programs and moral and material reward for achievements in quality area. The application of sociological approach in evaluation of opinions of staff will permit distinguishing problems and to formulate priority tasks for their step-by-step elimination.

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