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The physicians in conditions of e-health care: attitude of specialists to application of computer and Internet in professional activities


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The active penetration of Internet practically into all spheres of modern society starts development of new electronic structures. The health care is not out of the picture. The process of informatization of the national health care system is interfered with certain objective but solvable circumstances related to low rates of technical fitting out of institutions and absence of integrated information system. The willingness of specialists to work in new conditions is quite a different issue. The quantitative and qualitative studies carried out among physicians and medical students of Yekaterinburg helped to reveal level of personal PC and Internet application in professional activities. It is established that the level of skills in handling personal PC directly correlates with age of physician. The results of handled studies demonstrated that from point of view of physicians Internet provides great possibilities for sanitary education of population. In treatment of patient Internet presents rather a threat.

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