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The dependence of indicators of quality of life of disabled persons with stoma from applied model of management of social rehabilitation


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The article presents the results of comparative analysis of actual system of rehabilitation of the disabled with stoma in Russia and approved sociological model of innovative management of social rehabilitation of this contingent of patients. The indicators of quality oflife of the disabled with stoma are the best criteria of evaluation of effectiveness of one or another management model and substantiated by facts. These indicators are estimated on the basis of the International classification of functioning directly determining effectiveness of social rehabilitation of the disabled. The mentioned criteria permit, after implementation of rehabilitation measures, to evaluate adaptation of the disabled with stoma to habitual conditions of life and establish degree of one's reintegration into society since they provide the most accurate estimate of conditions of such main functions of human life activity as physical, psychic, social and spiritual. The analysis demonstrated that amelioration of quality of life of the disabled with stoma and their accelerated come back to working and active life activities is conditioned by amelioration of most of the indicators of quality of life: physical functioning, role physical functioning, common health, social functioning; role emotional functioning, psychic health. It is marked that on the basis of developed and approved model of innovative management of social rehabilitation applied at the earliest period of rehabilitation process the reintegration of the disabled with stoma into socium is possible.

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