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The tendencies in institutionalization of palliative care of adult population in the present-day Russia


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The analysis of actual interpretations of palliative care from perspective of multi-professional and multi-disciplinary approach is presented. The main trajectories of chronic diseases determining modern strategies of palliative care are considered. The main tasks and directions of palliative care are indicated. According the authors, the normative legal support of provision of palliative medical care of population permits planning and developing of the mentioned type of care in Russia. To provide availability of palliative medical care scientific methodical substantiation is required and as well development of unified classification of conditions requiring indication and organization of palliative care. The standards of provision of palliative care are to be adjusted to the mentioned classification. The article mentions that the legal documents adopted in Russia determine palliative care as palliative medical care. The medicalization of palliative care in Russia is considered from perspective of dysfunctional practices of social institution of health care.

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