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Vol 15, № 2 (2016)


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Table of Contents

Theory and methodology

Health and human capital: on the issue of social well-being of population PDF
Mettini E., Prisiajnaia N.V. 73-79

Medical sociological studies

The social portrait of patient with arterial hypertension PDF
Reshetnikov A.V., Reshetnikov V.A., Kozlov V.V., Roiuk V.V. 80-86
The goals of sociology of medicine in studying technologies of “human enhancement” PDF
Sedova N.N., Navrotskii B.A., Priz E.V. 87-90

Sociology of health and disease

The characteristics of perception, awareness and formation of inner picture of disease in girls and boys PDF
Groshev I.V. 91-97

Sociology of physician

The sociology of physician: between ideal and real - experience of XX century. Part II. To the foundation of theory of sociology of physician (a review) PDF
Dimov A.S. 98-105

Sociology of patient

The self-safety of patient in surgical practice: sociological aspects PDF
Miakonkii R.V., Kaplunov K.O. 106-109

Medical care quality

The sociological evaluation of satisfaction of patients with quality of medical services related to mammoplastics PDF
Svanadze S.N., Kutakova Yu.Yu. 110-113
The evaluation of degree of accessibility of health centers at municipal level PDF
Tomskikh E.S. 113-115


The characteristics of development of relationships in the system “physician-patient” in modern conditions PDF
Liadova A.V., Liadova M.V. 116-121

Quality of life

Certain results of studying quality of life relevant to health inpatients with arterial hypertension PDF
Krom I.L., Jujlova N.Yu., Sazanova G.Yu., Sobolev K.E. 122-126
Index of articles published in the Journal “Sociology of medicine” in 2016 PDF

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