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The self-safety of patient in surgical practice: sociological aspects


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The article considers from positions of sociology of medicine relatively new for Russian medical science notion “self-safety of patient”. Such concrete sociological techniques as voluntary anonymous questionnaire survey and siple questionnaire were applied. The determination of notion is proposed from sociological and legal points of view. The level of competences from the side of patients of surgical clinic hospitalized in routine procedure for surgery treatment is investigated. The certain organizational activities in context of considering problem promoting prevention of occurrence of conflict in the system “physician-patient” are presented. The results of implemented study make it obvious that patients, from one hand, are insufficiently aware about risks related to surgical intervention and from the other hand they have extremely low indicator of self-safety preferring for-no-reason to trust attending physician and at that to impose on him whole responsibility for the results of treatment.

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For citation: Miakonkii R.V., Kaplunov K.O. The self-safety of patient in surgical practice: sociological aspects. Sociologia meditsini. 2016; 15 (2): 106—109. DOI


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