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The characteristics of development of relationships in the system “physician-patient” in modern conditions


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The implementation of modern technologies in diagnostic, treatment, prevention of various diseases, level of satisfaction of population with quality of rendered medical services are within framework of negative estimates. This assumption is supported by the results of sociological surveys carried out by VCIOM, Levada-Center, the Minzdrav of Russia and also by initiative of the authors of the present article. The theoretical approach of sociologists to studying characteristics of functioning of social institutes of modern society was used to establish instability of confident attitude of patients to its main actors and structures as one of the main causes of paradoxical development of institute of medicine in Russia. The article considers types of confidence in medicine and factors effecting their development. Among them the social status of physician in modern society, his economic and legal position, stereotyping of public consciousness by mass media and development of negative image of worker of medical sphere and underdevelopment of health-preserving behavior of population are positioned as key ones. The particular attention is paid to problem of interpersonal confidence that is a key determinant in development of relationship in the system “physician-patient” in modern conditions of transformation of hierarchic structure of social interactions into linear one that is conditioned by objective processes of further informatization of society. of the chair of modern sociology of the sociological faculty.

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For citation: Liadova A.V., Liadova M.V. The characteristics of development of relationships in the system "physician—patient" in modern conditions. Sociologia meditsini. 2016; 15 (2):116-121 DOI


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