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The article considers a mathematical cluster analysis of data obtained in medical information system "qMS" for annual period of data registration in three medical institutions. To evaluate cost, duration of treatment and scope of examination of patients with hypertension heart disease a special software was developed by A.L. Mazelis using Python interactive environment. The clustering was implemented in two directions: according number of medical examinations and procedures (Series treatment) and according time of waiting for medical examinations and procedures (Series time). Two groups of patients were established according distribution of cost and duration of hospital treatment. Also, based on analysis of data of medical information system, a description of social medical portrait of patient with hypertensive heart disease was presented. A proposal was made of implementing adjustment of treatment standards considering medical social portrait of patient according to established actual demands of patients. In analyzed sampling almost equal attention is paid to examination of heart and gastrointestinal tract that testifies wide prevalence of gastrointestinal diseases that requires increased diagnostic attention to them as concomitant ones to hypertension disease.

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