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The attempts were made to analyze the causes of deficiency of the medical personnel in the Krasnoyarsk kraii and to study possible means of amelioration of situation in the region. The graduates of the Krasnoyarsk state medical university considered as a potential resource for elimination of medical personnel deficiency in regional health care system. The study of opinions of graduates of 2016 on specialty of «Medical business» on the basis of questionnaire survey. The development of questionnaire was implemented on the basis of pilot interviews. The data processing was implemented using licensed statistical software IBM SPSS Statistica 22.0. The methods of cluster analysis were applied alongside with calculations of descriptive statistics. The study was targeted to detecting factors effecting will of young specialists to work in districts of the Krasnoyarsk kraii and also establishing their ideas about further professional activities. All graduates were divided between 5 specific groups depending on their ideas about preferable conditions and place of employment. The respondents wishing to work in polyclinics are the only group where not salary nor conditions of work nor time of working under guidance of tutor are important and it's not easy to motivate them with anything else. More than one third of respondents perceive their own future without the limits of Krasnoyarsk. The key factors effecting wish to work in rural area are housing habitation, salary (higher than 5060 000 rubles), well-developed infrastructure and availability of competent physicians of narrow specialization at the given settlement.

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