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On the basis of the analysis of process of becoming (institutionalization) of social institute as a phenomenon the classical concept of five basic social institutes (family, education, religion, economic and political institutes) is broadened. The society in the course of its historical development forms new spectrum of needs hence the necessity in both reconsidering changes of functional tasks, limits, normative value and status role systems of social institutes in function and recognizing existence of new social institutes. At the modern stage, considering actual functional requirements of society, the social institute of medicine is a new social institute. The article considers process of transformation of medicine into independent social institute at the turn of XX-XXI centuries. At that it is noted that evolutionary process of institutionalization of medicine requires a new in-depth comprehension accounting actual social transforming processes in the health care system. Simultaneously, another comprehension is required related to altering situation in health care system itself, transformation of views of patient on process of rendering of medical care and expectations from health care system, alterations of concepts of patient-physician relationships, reorganization of models of interaction of a single individual with the state, society, social institutes and groups.

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