Rossiiskii Onkologicheskii Zhurnal №1 2014



Lazarev A.F., Mamontov K.G., Kotelnikov A.G., Lubennikov V.A., Khays S.L. Extensive liver resection with preoperative regional chemotherapy for colorectal metastases in patients with high risk of blood loss 4


Obmanov I.V., Jarygin M.L., Shmyrev V.I., Nosenko E.M., Jarygin L.M. Neurological aspects of surgical treatment in breast cancer patients 8
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Zaderenko I.A., Drobyshev A.Yu., Azizyan R.I., Alieva S.B. The treatment results of loco-regional recurrence of oral mucosa and the oropharynx squamous cell carcinoma. 20
Konovalov V.K., Kolmogorov V.G., Lobanov M.N., Leonov S.L., Shayduk A.M. Densitometrical volume diagnostics of spherical formations in lungs with the use of artificial neuron 25
Stambolieva A.V., Manukhin I.B., Bogatyrev V.N. Evaluation of the laser therapy clinical efficacy in chronic vulval dystrophic diseases 32
Yakovlev A.V., Neymark A.I., Semenov D.E. Pathomorphological and immune status features in patients with external urethral meatus polypus 36
Grigoruk O.G., Bazulina L.M., Sigitova E.S., Moskvina T.A., Stepanova A.S., Malikova L.V., Lopatin S. N., Dudarenko S. V., Lazarev A.F. Diagnostics of signet cell cancer gastric metastases in pleural and ascitic fluids with use of cytological method 40
Kazantseva E.S., Shoikhet Yu.N., Momot A.P., Fokeev S.D. Coagulation and protein-synthetic functions features of liver during formation of acute cholangitis induced by tumor of pancreaticoduodenal zone 44


Malichenko V. S., Malichenko S.B., Yavisya A.M. The role of international legal mechanisms of medicine circulation regulation in the delivery of effective cancer care. 48


Bistritskaya D.A., Tikhonovskaya M.N., Mescheryakova L.A., Kuznetsov V.V., Davidova I.Yu. Gestational trophoblastic disease: classification and prognostic factors (part I) 54


Katherine Ivanovna Bekhtereva (on the occasion of her 90th birthday anniversary) 57