Gigiena i Sanitarija №3 2014


Hygiene of the environment and localities

Konshina L. G., Lezhnin V. L. Assessment of the quality of drinking water in the industrial city and risk for public health 5
Grigorev Yu. G. Fundamentally new electromagnetic pollution and the lack of adequate regulatory framework – on the risk assessment (analysis of modern domestic and foreign data) 11
Lopatin S. A., Redko A. A., Terentyev V. I. The features of the establishment of zones of sanitary protection of the water source 16
Obukhova O. V., Lartseva L. V. Features of antibiotic resistance of Enterobacteria in the Volga River delta 21
Grigorev Yu. I., Lyapina N. V. Assessment of risk of contamination of drinking water for the health of children in the Tula region 23
Lezhnin V.L., Kazantsev V.S., Polzik E.V. A multifactor assessment of effects of technogenic pollution on the occurrence of lung cancer in the population of an industrial town 26
Sarbasheva M. M., Bittirova A. A., Atabieva Zh. A., Bittirov A. M. Model for sanitary-helminthological supervision and search for the measures for disinfestation of soil and water in the beef tapeworm infection foci in conditions of Kabardino-Balkaria 31
Yusupkhuzhaeva A. M. Dehelmintization of Wastewater at treatment plants in. Tashkent city 34

Occupational Hygiene

Shpagina L.N. Formation and structural features of morbidity in miners with professional pathology of the peripheral nervous system and the musculoskeletal system 37
Pomytkina T. E. The health status of workers in the production of compounds of nitrogen group (literature review) 39
Leksin A. G., Evlampieva M. N., Mineeva N. I., Timoshenkova E. V. Application of PMV and PPD indices to predict how Metro passengers evaluate the grade of thermal comfort or discomfort in different temperature conditions 45
Sitdikov R. Z., Piskarev Yu. G., Kamaev I. A. Social-hygienic and professional factors, affecting on the health of workers of the confectionery plant 49
Kochetova O. V., Gaynullina M. K., Viktorova T. V. DIO2, TPO, CY-P1A1 and CYP1A2 Gene polymorphism in women with thyroid disease 52

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Kuchma V.R., Teksheva L.M., Kurganskiy A.M., Petrenko A.O. Hygienic assessment of the use of readers in elementary school 57
Rybakov V. P., Orlova N. I. Change in short-term memory in pupils of 5–7-th classes in the process of class work 60
Sukhareva L.M., Rapoport I.K., Polenova M.A. Morbidity rate and mental capacity of Moscow schoolchildren (longitudinal study) 64
Kamalov K. G., Abusuev S. A., Soltakhanov E. M. Physical development of 11-17 years old boys, residing in different ecologo- geographical zones of the Republic of Dagestan 68

Preventive toxicology and hygienic rating

Mikhailova I. V., Chesnokova L. A., Sharapova N. V., Smolyagin A. I., Krasikov S. I. Some indices of trace elements and antioxidant status in rats under chromic intoxication 71
Minina V. I., Druzhinin V. G., Golovina T. A., Glushkov A. N. Cytogenetic effects in the population in agricultural regions of the Kemerovo region 74
Adamyan Ts. I., Gevorkyan E. S. Effect of stevia on the picture of peripheral blood under exposure to vibration 79

Methods of Hygienic Studies

Malysheva A.G., Rastyannikov E.G., Kozlova N.Yu., Artyushina I.Yu. Chemical analytical aspects of hygiene safety of the use of methyl tertiary-butyl ether in the production of gasoline 84
Zaytseva N. V., Ulanova T. S., Nurislamova T. V., Popova N. A. The elaboration of gas chromatographic method of the determination of N-nitrosamines (N-nitrosodimethylamine, N-nitrosodiethylamine) in biological samples (urine) 88
Belkin A.D., Michurina S.V. The response of organelles of rat liver hepatocytes to the effect of amplitude-modulated power frequency magnetic field 92
Chakhovskiy P.A., Yantsevich A.V., Dmitrochenko A.E., Ivanchik A.V. Analysis of serum lipid profiles in guinea pigs for early detection of changes in metabolism under exposure to environmental contaminants 94
Sergevnin V. I., Ladeyshchikova Yu. I., Sarmometov E. V., Podgor-bunskaya I. L., Kudrevatykh E. V. The experimental evaluation of the possibility of the penetration of enteric viruses from the surface into the pulp of contaminated fruits and vegetables 99


The balance of the Work of the All-Russian Scientific and Practi-cal Conference with international participation "Current trends of development of social hygienic monitoring and analysis of health risk" 102

Jubilee Dates

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the birth and 60th anniversary of the scientific activity of Leonid Isaakovich Elpiner 103