Gigiena i Sanitariya №1 2010


4 Lekhanova Ye. N., Bakhtina Ye. A., Buganov A. A. Effect of cobalt on risk factors for chronic noninfectious diseases in Yamal dwellers    | Resume, key words, literature
7 Sycheva L. P., Ivanov S. I., Kovalenko M. A., Zhurkov V. S., Belyaeva N. N., Antsiferov B. M. The cytogenetic status of children living in the vicinity of a pulp-and-paper mill    | Resume, key words, literature
11 Makovetskaya A. K., Fedoseyeva V. N., Mislavsky O. V. Development of an extended system of immunological parameters for the assessment of the influence of environmental factors on the population’s health status    | Resume, key words, literature
12 Mantler N. N., Kiryanova L. F., Saldan I. P., Bekker V. N. Efficiency of use of iodine- and selenium-enriched drinking water to prevent deficiency states in the population of the Altai territory    |Resume, key words, literature
15 Artemova T. Z., Nedachin A. Ye., Zholdakova Z. I., Sinitsyna O. O., Gipp Ye. K., Butorina N. N., Mamonov R. A., Tulskaya Ye. A. The problem in the reactivation of microorganisms in the evaluation of the efficacy of water disinfectants    | Resume, key words, literature
18 Fokin S. G. Evaluation of exposure of the Moscow population to ambient air pollution by carcinogenic substances    | Resume, key words, literature
21 Sergeyeva M. V., Yakusheva M. Yu. Human health risk assessment of environmental pollution at the municipal level    | Resume, key words, literature
23 Ivanov A. V., Tafeyeva Ye. A. Significance of underground waters for water supply of the population of oil-producing regions in the Republic of Tatarstan    | Resume, key words, literature
27 Savchenko O. V., Tyupeleev P. A., Gololobova S. S. Blood levels of trace elements in urban children with diffuse non-toxic goiter    | Resume, key words, literature
29 Tikhomirov Yu. P., Ippolitova V. P., Feklina T. Yu., Bezrukov M. Ye. Hygienic assessment of metallurgical slag crushed stone for its use in road-building    | Resume, key words, literature
32 Kudasheva L. T., Shudegova Ye. V., Ponomarev S. B., Cherenkov A. A. Problems in medical waste handling in penitentiaries    | Resume, key words, literature
35 Mamontova Ye. A., Tarasova Ye. N., Kuzmin M. I., Maklakhlan M. S., Papke O., Mamontov A. A. The levels of stable organic pollutants in the breast milk of women living in the Urkutsk Region     |Resume, key words, literature
39 Zomarev A. M., Vaisman Ya. I., Zaitseva T. A., Glushankova I. S. The sanitary-and-hygienic state of solid garbage burial grounds in the stages of a life cycle    | Resume, key words, literature
42 Melnikova O. A. Assessment of current disinfectants to create a reserve in case of avian influenza outbreak    | Resume, key words
45 Medvedeva M. V. Microbiological monitoring of the state of urban soils    | Resume, key words, literature
48 Iskakov A. Zh., Boyev V. M., Zasorin B. V. Characteristics of the soil levels of toxic compounds in urbanized areas (in case of Aktobe)    | Resume, key words, literature
51 Namazbayeva Z. I., Dyusembayeva N. K., Mukasheva M. A., Sadykov K. I. Risk factors for reproductive dysfunction under the influence of a territorial industrial complex    | Resume, key words, literature
54 Iskandarov A. B. Evaluation of ambient air pollution in Tashkent    | Resume, key words, literature
56 Kadyrov Z. A., Nusratulloyev I., Suleimanov S. I., Ramishvili V. Sh., Nizomov D. S., Piznazarov M. Evaluation of the influence of biogeochemical factors of the prevalence of urolithiasis in the regions of Tajikistan    | Resume, key words, literature
59 Rodionov O. N. The relationship between fatigue and the specific features of a flight shift of civil aviation flight crews    | Resume, key words, literature
62 Pomytkina T. E., Pershin A. N. Occupational digestive diseases in chemical industry workers of West Siberia    | Resume, key words, literature
67 Fedina I. N., Zhurikhina I. A., Gavrilov A. V. Assessment of a risk for respiratory diseases in industrial workers    | Resume, key words, literature
69 Gazaliyeva M. A. Cytochemical parameters in nasal mucosal and peripheral blood cells in beryllium production workers    | Resume, key words, literature
71 Mirzonov V. A. Influence of social factors and children’s immune status in the Nizhni Novgorod Region    | Resume, key words, literature
73 Grebnyak N. P., Shchudro S. A. Integral assessment of subject difficulties    | Resume, key words, literature
76 Ashvits I. V., Shirinsky V. A. Hygienic assessment of the health status of pupils of primary military education establishments    | Resume, key words, literature
78 Karpenko Yu. D. Functional states in students under examination stress    | Resume, key words, literature
80 Davydenko L. A. Rationale for a differential approach to molding a healthy lifestyle in schoolchildren     | Resume, key words, literature
82 Solodovnikov Yu. L. Medical college students’ self-appraisal of physical development    | Resume, key words, literature
84 Buduk-ool L. K., Aizman R. I. The cardiovascular system during adaptation of students residing in a South-Siberian region    | Resume, key words, literature
87 Agbalyan Ye. V., Polovodova N. S., Buganov A. A. Association between the alimentary factor and the immune system in migrants to the Far North    | Resume, key words, literature
89 Vandyshev A. B., Kulikov V. A., Nikishin S. N., Akramov R. L. Water decontamination in the swimming pools: Standardization and practice    | Resume, key words, literature
94 Putyrsky V. P., Yampolsky V. A. Evaluation of the efficiency of the operation mode of high-dispersion aerosol generators in closed premises    | Resume, key words, literature
95 Valeyev T. K., Suleimanov R. A. Hygienic rationale for the maximum allowable concentration of agidol 10 in the ambient air of inhabited localities    | Resume, key words, literature