Gigiena i Sanitariya №3 2010


4 Onishchenko G. G. The status and measures to secure safe household water supply in the Russian Federation     | Resume, key words
7 Chubirko M. I., Pichuzhkina N. M., Mekhantyev I. I., Masailova L. A. Evaluation of the efficiency of measures to reduce the influence of risk factors on human health     | Resume, key words, literature
9 Byakhova M. M., Sycheva L. P., Zhurkov V. S., Gelshtein V. S., Sukhareva I. V., Shishkina L. I., Mashintsov Ye. A. Karyological and immunological parameters in children under conditions of varying ambient air pollution     | Resume, key words, literature
12 Druzhinin V. G., Aluker N. L., Akhaltseva L. V., Golovina T. A., Ingel F. I., Larionov A. V., Sorokina N. V., Tolochko T. A., Shaposhnikova A. V., Yurtseva N. A. Toxic and genetic risk assessments in children of Gornaya Shoria     | Resume, key words, literature
18 Fokin S. G. Evaluation of exposure of the Moscow population to ambient air pollution by carcinogenic substances     | Resume, key words, literature
21 Verevina M. L., Rusakov N. V., Zhukova T. V., Gruzdeva O. A. Estimation of morbidity rates in relation to living conditions     | Resume, key words, literature
25 Tkachenko A. V. Hygienic assessment of large-size hole type storages for low-to-moderate activity radioactive waste     | Resume, key words, literature
28 Zagainova A. V., Rakhmanin Yu. A., Talayeva Yu. G., Ivanov S. I., Artemova T. Z., Nedachin A. Ye., Gipp Ye. K., Butorina N. N. Microbial risk assessment to establish water quality-enteric infection morbidity relationships      | Resume, key words, literature
31 Safonova M. A. Features of homeostasis in children from industrially developed areas     | Resume, key words, literature
35 Litvinov N. N., Ostapenko Yu. N. Prevention of acute chemical poisonings as a hygienic problem     | Resume, key words, literature
39 Mikhailichenko K. Yu., Kasyanenko A. A., Shchelkunova I. G., Grechko A. V. Risk for environment-induced diseases due to air pollution from motor vehicles in road-patrol officers     | Resume, key words, literature
42 Bartosh T. P., Bartosh O. P. The psychophysiological status and personality traits in teachers of the Magadan Region     | Resume, key words, literature
46 Petrova T. B., Bichkayeva F. A., Zhilina L. P., Tretyakova T. V., Vlasova O. S. Impact of the use of alcoholic beverages on lipid metabolic parameters in Northern Water Basin workers      |Resume, key words, literature
50 Pomytkina T. E. Experience in improving the working conditions and health status of workers at a large chemical plant     | Resume, key words, literature
52 Klauchek S. V., Klitochenko G. V., Kochegura T. N., Kudrin R. A., Akhundova R. Ye., Fokina A. S. Use of controlled respiratory rhythm to enhance stress resistance in pupils     | Resume, key words, literature
54 Vershubskaya G. G., Kozlov A. I. Changes in the anthropometric characteristics of neonatal infants and in the reproductive behavior of the indigenous population of Chukotka     | Resume, key words, literature
58 Koganova Z. I., Ingel F. I., Antipanova N. A., Legostayeva T. B., Polyakova O. V. Estimation of adaptive capacities in Magnitogorsk children from the activity of some detoxification enzymes     |Resume, key words, literature
63 Lutsevich I. N., Ivanchenko M. N., Zhukov V. V. Influence of climatic and geographic factors on the environmental distribution of heavy metals and children’s health     | Resume, key words, literature
66 Grigoryan V. G., Stepanyan L. S., Stepanyan A. Yu. Autonomic cardiac rhythm regulation in adolescents during simulation of conflict-inducing medium     | Resume, key words, literature
68 Imamov A. A., Troshina I. V., Fomicheva G. B., Zamaliyeva M. A. An association of the occupational risk factors from greenhouses with allergic diseases in their female workers’ children: Results of analysis     | Resume, key words, literature
71 Kushnerova N. F., Fomenko S. Ye., Rakhmanin Yu. A., Lesnikova L. N., Sprygin V. G., Kushnerova T. V., Merzlyakov V. Yu. Biologically active additives in health prophylaxis of medical workers     | Resume, key words, literature
75 Zaitseva N. V., Ulanova T. S., Nurislamova T. V., Popova N. A., Aminova A. I. Determination of volatile fatty acids in blood for the evaluation of multiple-factor environmental exposure     | Resume, key words, literature
77 Panina N. K. Laboratory monitoring of pesticide residues in the environment     | Resume, key words, literature
80 Bazelyuk L. T., Iskakova S. A. Evaluation of the status of experimental animals after chronic sulfur steam inhalation     | Resume, key words, literature
83 Bocharov V. V., Ryzhkova O. A. Hygienic assessment of biologically rigid linear alkylbenzene sulfonates     | Resume, key words, literature
86 Musiychuk Yu. I., Lomov O. P., Kudryavtsev V. M. Consideration of a potential death risk in the methodology of assessing the population’s health     | Resume, key words, literature
90 Volkotrub L. P. The 120th anniversary of the Department of Hygiene, Siberian State Medical University
93 On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Rafail Davidovich Gabovich’s birth
94 On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Boris Vasilyevich Limin’s birth
95 On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Valeri Nikolayevich Rakitsky’s birth