Gigiena i Sanitariya №2 2009

Subject Issue Timed to the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Research Institute for the Hygiene and Health Care of Children and Adolescents, Research Center of Children’s Health  

4 Onishchenko G. G. Hygienic evaluation of the provision of the population of the Russian Federation with drinking water and measures for its improvements    | Resume, key words, literature
13 Baranov A. A., Kuchma V. R. History of the foundation and activities of the Research Institute for the Hygiene and Health Care of Children and Adolescents, Research Center of Children’s Health    | Resume, key words, literature
18 Kuchma V. R., Sukhareva L. M., Yampolskaya Yu. A. Trends in Moscow senior adolescent schoolchildren’s growth and development at the turn of millennia    | Resume, key words, literature
21 Sukhareva L. M., Rapoport I. K., Berezhkov L. F., Yampolskaya Yu. A., Zvezdina I. V. Moscow schoolchildren’s morbidity in the past 50 years    | Resume, key words, literature
26 Shubochkina Ye. I., Molchanova S. S., Ibragimova Ye. M., Kulikova A. V. Hygienic and medicosocial problems in the training of pupils at vocational colleges    | Resume, key words, literature
30 Goncharova G. A., Nadezhdin D. S. Development of sociopsychological adaptation of schoolchildren and vocational school pupils    | Resume, key words, literature
33 Khramtsov P. I., Strokina A. N., Sotnikova Ye. N., Butareva I. I., Moldovanov V. V. The specific features of present-day children’s physical development in the estimation of the functional sizes of furniture for pupils    | Resume, key words, literature
36 Rapoport I. K. Schoolchildren’s health status and problems in the choice of professions    | Resume, key words, literature
39 Teksheva L. M., Dadonova A. Ya., Elksnina Ye. V. The specific features of hygienic assessment of printing products    | Resume, key words, literature
43 Zvezdina I. V., Zhigareva N. S., Deyev A. D. Implication of behavioral risk factors in the development of abnormalities in junior school children    | Resume, key words, literature
47 Stepanova M. I., Sazanyuk Z. I., Voronova B. Z., Aleksandrova I. E., Berezina N. O., Laponova Ye. D., Lashneva I. P., Polenova M. A., Sedova A. S., Shumkova T. V. Hygienic requirements for work organization of full-day schools    | Resume, key words, literature
52 Rapoport I. K., Biryukova Ye. G. Morbidity and problems in medical provision of vocational school pupils    | Resume, key words, literature
56 Nadezhdin D. S., Rapoport I. K. First-form children’s health status and mental development    | Resume, key words, literature
60 Gorelova Zh. Yu., Rapoport I. K. Hygienic assessment of projects on better organization of pupils’ nutrition    | Resume, key words, literature
63 Chubarovsky V. V. Primary prevention of behavioral risky forms in adolescents    | Resume, key words, literature
66 Khramtsov P. I., Bakanov I. M. Hygienic assessment of organization of motor activity in primary class pupils of full-day schools    | Resume, key words, literature
70 Sakharov V. G. Molding of adolescents’ character as a basis for successful sociopsychological adaptation    | Resume, key words, literature
75 Teksheva L. M., Barsukova N. K., Chumicheva O. A., Markelova S. V., Nadezhina L. G., Khatit Z. Kh., Vorobyeva G. V. Hygienic assessment of children’s clothes made using new-generation textile auxiliaries    |Resume, key words, literature
79 Blinov V. N., Markelova S. V., Klimenko A. V. Gas chromatographic techniques in the sanitary-and-epidemiological assessment of toys    | Resume, key words, literature
82 Timerbulatov I. F., Zulkarnayev T. R., Akhmetshina R. A., Povargo Ye. A., Yamaletdinov A. Sh. Hygienic assessment of organization of an educational process in the general education establishments of a large town    | Resume, key words, literature
85 Zulkarnayev T. R., Timerbulatov I. F., Akhmetshina R. A., Povargo Ye. A., Zigitbayev R. N., Timerbulatov R. A. Integrated assessment of educational conditions in general education establishments of different types    | Resume, key words, literature
88 Shandala M. G., Roslavtseva S. A., Grishina Ye. A. Hygienic assessment of larvicides against mosquitoes, the carriers of transmissible infections    | Resume, key words, literature
91 Yegorova N. A., Bukshuk A. A., Krasovsky G. N. Topical aspects of hot water supply to the population    | Resume, key words, literature
94 Yegorova A. M. Assessment of a occupatiental risk for abnormalities of the urinary and hepatobiliary systems and the reproductive health status in metallurgists    | Resume, key words, literature
96 On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Nikolai Vasilyevich Rusakov’s birth