Gigiena i Sanitariya №5 2008

4 Onishchenko G. G. The sanitary and epidemiological state of obstetric institutions of the Russian Federation
7 Shcherbo A. P., Kiselev A. V., Masyuk V. S., Shabalina I. M. Hygienic assessment of ambient air pollution in the industrial towns of the Republic of Karelia and that of a risk to the health status of pediatric and adolescent populations   | Summary
12 Kireyev G. V., Balenkov O. Yu., Assesorova Yu. Yu., Ataniyazova R. A. Ambient air benz(a)pyrene and its role in the formation of cancer morbidity in Tashkent   | Summary
13 Kashansky S. V., Zhetpisbayev B. A., Ilderbayev O. Z., Yermenbay O. T. Mesothelioma in the Republic of Kazakhstan: a review   | Summary
17 Verzilina I. N., Agarkov N. M., Churnosov M. I. Examining the impact of solar activity on the incidence of congenital malformations   | Summary
20 Antonov O. V., Shirinsky V. A., Antonova I. V. Hygienic risk factors of congenital malformations   | Summary
22 Lekhanova Ye. N., Kirilyuk L. I., Buganov A. A., Zakharina T. N., Bakhtina Ye. A., Lebedeva I. N. Naturally caused imbalance of elements in the population of the Yamal Region (a review)   | Summary
26 Daukayev R. A., Suleimanov R. A. Snow cover pollution monitoring in Ufa   | Summary
29 Ivanov A. V., Davletova N. Kh. Ways of improving the conditions of water supply of a large city   | Summary
32 Kashapov N. G., Kazachinin A. A. Hygienic evaluation of water supply in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugry   | Summary
34 Kustov I. N. Prevention of dental diseases
35 Zabroda N. N., Artemenko M. V. Hygienic characteristics of the Kursk magnetic anomaly area and morbidity in the aboriginal population   | Summary
38 Akhapkina I. G., Gerasimova S. I., Plotnikova N. V., Filatova V. I., Cherkasova L. S., Zheltikova T. M. Microbial contamination of Moscow dwelling rooms   | Summary
41 Gubanova Ye. G., Turbinsky V. V. Characterization of microbial associations in the discharge of industrial workers
43 Kochetova O. V., Karimova L. K., Korytina G. F., Akhmadishina L. Z., Viktorova T. V. Use of new DNA diagnostic technologies in occupational medicine   | Summary
47 Gavrish N. N., Zuyev V. G., Pokhodzei L. V., Rubtsova N. B., Paltsev Yu. P. Assessment of the health status and working capacity of electric charge plant operators   | Summary
50 Dolgayev S. I. Use of ultraviolet air decontamination in the ventilating system at food industry enterprises
51 Trunova I. Ye., Lapardin M. P., Kiku P. F. Hygienic assessment of nutrition in different urban groups of the Primorye Territory   | Summary
55 Shevchenko I. Yu., Klimatskaya L. G. Schooling conditions and children’s morbidity at schools of small towns of the Krasnoyarsk Territory   | Summary
59 Ushakova M. A., Ushakova Ye. G. The health status of 15-18-year-old schoolchildren in Moscow   | Summary
62 Mirskaya N. B., Kolomenskaya A. N., Lyakhovich A. V., Sinyakina A. D., Krailina S. I., Rosomakha R. M. Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and diseases in pupils from general educational establishments
68 Feodosiadi O. S., Kalmykova A. S., Popova M. A. Health monitoring in the rural schoolchildren of the Stavropol Territory   | Summary
70 Poborsky A. N., Yurina M. A., Lopatskaya Zh. N. The functional state and adaptive possibilities of students under poor environmental conditions   | Summary
74 Tarmayeva I. Yu. Trace element imbalance in the organized pediatric collective bodies   | Summary
76 Rasulov M. T., Shakhnazarov A. M., Shakhnazarov M. A. Morphogenesis of acetate-induced gastric ulcer upon chronic exposure to the pesticide hexachlorocyclohexane   | Summary
79 Kubasova Ye. D., Kubasov R. V. Effect of trace elements on thyroid structural and functional state (a review)   | Summary
81 Pylev L. N., Vasilyeva L. A., Levinsky S. S., Khitrovo I. A., Khrustalev S. A., Trukhina G. M. Evaluation of the carcinogenic activity of phenol-free coal-tar creolin   | Summary
85 Sorokin O. G., Ushakov I. B. Significance of integral assessment of the body’s status for improvement of sanitary-and-hygienic monitoring
88 Mikheyev V. N., Yagudin B. I., Turbinsky V. V. Efficiency of departmental special programs by the Board of the Russian Agency for Consumer Supervision in the Novosibirsk Region
91 Kondratenko T. A., Duz L. F., Tyutyunkova N. G., Ponomareva Yu. A. Monitoring of health indices in the urban areas of the Rostov Region
93 Neveikin P. P. Economical approaches in sociohygienic monitoring   | Summary
94 Kuznetsova L. V., Yegorova G. I., Mironov A. A. Gas chromatographic determination of N,N-asymmetric dimethylhydrazine in different environmental objects   | Summary
96 Katsnelson B. A., Kuzmin S. V., Privalova L. I., Degtyareva T. D. Apropos of V. V. Vorobyev’s paper "Effect of food additives on the quality of seafoods"