Zdravookhraneniye Rossiyskoi Federatsii №2 2009

3 Potapov A. I. Only can healthy Russia become strong
7 Onishchenko G. G. Topical problems in the provision of sanitary-and-epidemiological well-being in the Russian Federation
13 Shabalin V. N. Basic regularities of human aging    | Literature
18 Artyukhov I. P., Gorbach N. A., Baksheyeva S. L., Vorobyev A. B. Quality of life in Far North dwellers as one of the criteria for health assessment    | Literature
21 Kolbasnikov S. V., Vorobyeva I. O., Kononova Ye. S., Nilova O. V., Yashchenko N. I. Risk factors of arterial hypertension and patients’ psychological readiness for prophylaxis    | Literature
23 Sabgaida T. P., Kondrakova E. V., Redko A. N. Approaches to evaluating the cost-effectiveness of measures for reducing mortality from controlled causes    | Literature
28 Ivanenko A. V., Volkova I. F., Korniyenko A. P., Sudakova Ye. V., Kozlova Ye. V. The health status of Moscow children and adolescences and its association with sociohygienic factors    | Literature
30 Semenova N. B. Prevention of suicidal behavior in the adolescents of the Republic of Tyva    | Literature
34 Konovalov O. Ye., Sychev M. A. Organization of sociomedical and psychological aid to senior able-bodied physicians    | Literature
37 Blokhina N. N. Committee for First Aid in Emergencies of the Red Cross Society and the development of an emergency health care service in Saint Petersburg
40 Zhurikhina I. A. Impact of working conditions on the morbidity of workers engaged in the manufacture of synthetic rubber
41 Norkin I. A., Akimova T. N., Savchenko V. V., Shebaldov A. R., Gladkova Ye. V., Chibrikov A. G., Shulgina T. A. Pedestrian traumatism and its consequences in the Saratov Region    | Literature
43 Vladimir Nikolayevich Shabalin (on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of his birth)
44 Onishchenko G. G. Basic results of researches in hygiene in 2007