Zdravookhraneniye Rossiyskoi Federatsii №5 2009

3 Semenov V. Yu., Gorenkov R. V. Working people’s health in the Moscow Region    | Resume, key words
7 Yakovleva T. V., Terletskaya R. N., Ivanova A. E., Semenova V. G., Antonova E. V. Adolescent mortality in Russia: Medical and social problems    | Resume, key words
11 Kalininskaya A. A., Dzugayev A. K., Chizhikova T. V. Personnel policy in health care system in the Russian Federation    | Resume, key words, literature
14 Gicheva I. M., Nikolayeva A. A., Oteva E. A., Nikolayev K. Yu., Davidovich G. A. Able-bodied citizens’ health in the districts of general family practice, the perspectives and tasks of a follow-up    | Resume, key words, literature
18 Yermolina T. A., Martynova N. A., Krasilnikov A. V., Rogalev K. K., Kalinin A. G., Malkova O. V. Analysis of quality of life in physicians and middle medical personnel    | Resume, key words, literature
21 Martynchik S. A., Filatenkova S. V. Methodical approaches to improving the mechanisms of payment for cardiological care    | Resume, key words, literature
25 Svetlichnaya T. V., Tsyganova O. A., Borchaninova Ye. L. Extradepartmental quality control assurance in the obligatory health insurance system    | Resume, key words, literature
29 Denisov A. P., Babenko A. I., Spinov V. I. Female reproductive aims and implementation of national "Demography" project measures    | Resume, key words, literature
32 Frolova O. A. The demographic potential of the Republic of Tatarstan    | Resume, key words, literature
34 Trubacheva I. A., Perminova O. A., Karpov R. S. Mortality in a male able-bodied population cohort    | Resume, key words, literature
37 Glushkov A. N., Bondar G. V., Mun S. A., Larin S. A., Brailovsky V. V., Chukhrov Yu. S., Magarill Yu. A., Zinchuk S. F., Grishchenko S. V., Kuznetsova L. N., Dmukhovskaya Ye. A., Nilsen N. T. The incidence of lung cancer in the coal-mining regions of Russia and Ukraine    | Resume, key words, literature
40 Yerofeyev Yu. V., Ravdugina T. G., Galchikov Yu. I. Characterization of mortality in the Omsk Region    | Resume, key words, literature
43 Yevsyukov A. A., Sharafutdinova N. Kh. Results of ranking the rural areas of the Republic of Bashkortostan from mortality rates in an able-bodied population    | Resume, key words, literature
46 Lyubchenko P. N. Trends in somatic morbidity among Chernobyl accident liquidators during 21 years post accident    | Resume, key words, literature
49 Grishchenko S. V. Rehabilitation of children with congenital facial clefts: Medical and social aspects    | Resume, key words, literature
53 Knopov M. Sh., Taranukha V. K. Aleksei Nikolayevich Sysin is an outstanding scientist and organizer of sanitary-and-epidemiological practice
55 Yegorysheva I. V. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of N. G. Freiberg, an outstanding Russian specialist in medical and sanitary legislation