Epidemiologiya i infektsionnye bolezni №4 2011

4 Kravchenko I. E., Briko N. I., Fazylov V. Kh. Treatment personalization for patients with streptococcal quinsy on the basis of determination of the activity of metabolic enzyme systems
8 Bondarenko V. M., Ryabichenko E. V. Role of nonspecific infection in the development of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the nervous system
14 Golubkova A. A., Sisin E. I., Bogushevich Yu. A., Bastrykov A. A., Orlovskaya E. M., Soboleva L. I., Balagutdinova S. A. The improvement of epidemiological surveillance and control of nosocomial pneumonias associated with mechanical ventilation
18 Kokorina G. I., Burgasova O. A., Aniskina G. P., Yushchuk N. D., Tseneva G. Ya. Development of a test system for the serodiagnosis of yersiniases by an immunoblot test
23 Romanova E. N., Serebryakova O. M., Govorin A. V., Filev A. P. Regularities of changes in laboratory parameters in patients with A/H1N1 influenza pneumonia
27 Krayeva L. A., Tseneva G. Ya., Nikolayeva A. M., Alekseyeva E. A. Role of highly avid antitoxic antibodies in the estimation of insusceptibility to diphtheria infection
32 Tutelyan A. V., Khasanova G. M. Clinical and immunological rationale for imunofan use in combination therapy for hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome
36 Ratnikova L. I., Dubovikova T. A., Ship S. A., Zhamburchinova A. N. Gender features of erysipelas
40 Astrakhantseva I. V., Kuvshinov M. V., Krasnov V. V., Ulanova T. I., Obryadina A. P., Volova L. Yu. Study of regularities of an immune response in children with Epstein-Barr virus infection
45 Manankov V. V., Alekseyev V. V., Smelyansky V. P., Pashanina T. T., Pogasiy N. I., Putintseva E. V., Britanova A. L., Antonov V. A., Alekseyeva V. V., Tkachenko G. A., Savchenko S. T., Rusakova N. V., Frolova G. I., Frolov A. Yu., Ioannidi E. A., Bozhko V. G., Popov S. F. Study of a trend in the epidemic process of West Nile fever in the Volgograd Region over the period 2000-2009
49 Arutyunov Yu. I. Cyclic causality of cholera epidemic manifestations in India
53 Saifullin M. A., Bronshtein A. M., Malyshev N. A. Acute enteric schistosomiasis in a Russian tourist after travel to Tanzania
56 Nafeyev A. A., Magomedov M. A., Struchin V. E., Kadoyeva V. B., Timofeyeva S. P. A case of pseudocowpox
Current Events
58 Department of Infections Diseases, I. I. Mechnikov Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy is 90 years old
Book Review
59 Briko N. I., Ryapis L. A. Biological safety (terms and definitions) edited by Acad. RAMS G. G. Onishchenko, Corr. Member RAMS V. V. Kutyrev. 2nd corrected and supplemented edition. — Moscow, 2011. — 152 pp.
61 In memory of Mikhail Vasilyevich Skachkov