Rossiysky Meditsinsky Zhurnal №5 2011

3 Ertukhanov M. Sh. S., Revskoy A. K. Main causes of emergency call for acute diseases in the Chechen Republic
5 Aleksandrov O. V., Asiyatilova A. M., Ezhova I. S., Alekhina R. M. Adenosine is a possible marker of inflammation in patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
9 Sidyakina I. V., Lyadov K. V., Shapovalenko T. V., Tsarenko S. V., Lovtsevich N. V., Dobrushina O. R., Kaledina I. V. Safety of rehabilitation in patients in the acutest and acute periods of severe and very severe stroke
13 Bardenshtein L. M., Velsher L. Z., Averyanova S. V. Psychological characteristics of breast cancer patients as a prognostic factor
17 Luzina E. V., Lareva N. V. The characteristics and possible mechanisms of severe A(H1N1) influenza
20 Stepanova N. A., Streltsova E. N. Pulmonary tuberculosis caused by drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in terms of serum structural and optical properties
22 Tyagunov A. E., Pervova E. V., Nechai T. V., Aleksandrov A. N., Rogov K. A., Zlotnikova A. D., Zhdanov A. M., Sazhin A. V. Features of general surgical operations in patients with implanted pacemakers
28 Frantsuzov V. N., Ananyeva V. V., Ordiyants I. M., Podtetenev A. D., Varnavin O. A. Diagnostic value of procalcitonin in patients with postpartum pyoseptic complications
32 Neroyev V. V., Oganesyan O. G., Gundorova R. A., Smetanina M. A., Danilova D. Yu. Use of keratotomy eyes as a transplant
34 Mambetova A. M., Zhetishev R. A., Shabalova N. N. Impact of the severity of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia on the development of nephrosclerosis and the course of pyelonephritis in children with congenital urinary tract abnormalities
39 Sergeyeva V. A., Shabalov N. P., Aleksandrovich Yu. S. Study of the blood cytokine profile in newborn infants with a fatal outcome of diseases accompanied by a systemic inflammatory response
43 Sveshnikov D. S., Smirnov V. M., Myasnikov I. L., Trofimova Yu. E. Role of cholino- and adrenoblockers in the development of stimulatory reactions in the ascending colon, which are caused by the administration of serotonin adipinate
47 Kovalenko V. I., Borsov M. Kh., Temrezov M. B. Pathogenetic rationale for and principles of medical treatment in patients with atherothrombotic involvement of the abdominal aorta and lower extremity arteries: State-of-the-art
50 Poteshkina N. G., Pravdivtseva E. V., Svanadze A. M. Role on angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in the prevention of chronic heart failure
53 Skoroglyadov A. V., Ivkov A. V., Sirotin I. V., Lipinsky P. V. Treatment for severe open long bone fractures
55 Vasenova V. Yu., Butov Yu. S., Izmerova N. I., Selissky G. D., Kheidar S. A. Dioxins: a high environmental hazard