Rossiysky Meditsinsky Zhurnal №6 2010


3 Balalykin V. D., Balalykin A. S., Balalykin D. A. The history and results of treatment for cholelithiasis at a short-stay hospital   | Resume, key words, literature
7 Yefimova I. Yu., Mananko E. I., Efimova N. Yu., Idrisova E. M., Lishmanov Yu. B. Impact of combination antihypertensive therapy on brain perfusion and cognitive functions in patients with metabolic syndrome   |Resume, key words, literature
12 Galankina I. E., Pakhomova G. V., Avanesova V. A. The specific features of vermiform appendiage lesion after appendicular infiltrate and periappenducular abscess   | Resume, key words, literature
14 Kirichenko I. M., Shoniya L. I., Daikhes N. A., Alekseyeva N. S., Zavalishin I. A., Peresedova A. V., Klochkov A. M. The value of acoustic reflex in the diagnosis of retrocochlear demyelinating lesion of the auditory analyzer   | Resume, key words, literature
17 Mikayelyan N. P., Maksina A. G., Mikayelyan A. V., Vitushko S. V. Impaired lipid-protein relationships in the red blood cell membranes and placenta of women with obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus   | Resume, key words, literature
21 Bozhbanbayeva N. S. Cardiac lesion in children with the acute course of intrauterine cytomegalovirus infection   | Resume, key words, literature
24 Tarasova L. G., Streltsova E. N. The prognostic value of antibodies to tuberculosis pathogen in children   | Resume, key words, literature
27 Ponomareva L. I., Alekseyeva Yu. A., Vinogradov A. F. Metabolic parameters and immune status in children with various conditions of the pharyngeal tonsil   | Resume, key words, literature
30 Astashkina O. G., Vlasova N. V., Pashinyan G. A. Sudden death: forensic medical aspects   | Resume, key words, literature
36 Novikova N. A., Gendlin G. E., Storozhakov G. I. Cardiovascular risk in patients treated with peritoneal dialysis versus hemodialysis   | Literature
41 Smolnova T. Yu., Adamyan L. V. Diagnosis and management of patients with connective tissue dysplasia in obstetrics and gynecology   | Literature
46 Lubnin A. Yu., Rylova A. V. The specific features of xenon use in neurosurgical patients   | Literature
51 Khoroshilov S. E., Karpun N. A., Ilchenko A. M., Nikulin A. V., Smirnova S. G., Pavlov R. E., Kolesnik A. V. High-volume hemodiafiltration in a female victim with massive soft tissue crush in severe concomitant injury   | Literature
53 Bronshtein A. M., Malyshev N. A., Luchshev V. I., Mezhgikhova R. M. Chest soft tissue cysticercosis   | Literature
56 Leonid Mikhailovich Bardenshtein (on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of his birth)